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April 2018

Working with Latino Immigrant Families in Schools (Eden Hernandez Robles, Crissy A. Johnson, Joel Hernandez Robles)

March 2018

Asset Building Toward Inclusive Policy (Michael Sherraden, Lissa Johnson, Margaret M. Clancy, Sondra G. Beverly, Margaret Sherrard Sherraden, Mark Schreiner, William Elliot III, Trina R. Williams Shanks, Deborah Adams, Jami Curley, Huang Jin, Michal Grinstein-Weiss, Nam Yunju, Min Zhan, Han Cha), revised
Ecological Framework (Alex Gitterman, Carel B. Germain, Carolyn Knight), revised

February 2018

Palliative Care (Terry Altilio, Dana Ribeiro), revised

January 2018

Embedded Foundations (Paula Allen-Meares)

December 2017

November 2017

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