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October 2017

Autism and Suicide (Oren Shtayermman)
Crossover Youth (Wendy Haight, Min Hae Cho)
Health Disparities (Valire Carr Copeland, Sandra Wexler)
Incest Survivors (Valandra, Jeni McIntyre)
Mixed Methods Research (Daphne C. Watkins)

September 2017

Aging: Overview (Nancy R. Hooyman, Amanda Barusch), revised

July 2017

Functional Behavioral Assessment (Michelle Alvarez, Kimberly Zammitt, Laura Strunk, Kevin Filter)
Interventions for Students with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome (Michelle S. Ballan, Molly Burke Freyer, Lauren Powledge)
Social Enterprise (Rukshan Fernando)

June 2017

Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence (Larry W. Bennett, Oliver J. Williams)

May 2017

Community Healing and Reconciliation (Joshua Kirven, George Jacinto)

April 2017

Children: Health Care (Barbara L. Jones, Casey Walsh), revised
Political Social Work (Suzanne Pritzker, Shannon Lane), revised
Positive Emotion (Jessica M. Black)

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