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Forthcoming Articles

Forthcoming New Articles

Care Transitions: A Powerful Arena for Social Workers to Improve Patient Health and System Performance
W. June Simmons

Dumpson, James R.
Nancy Boyd Webb

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (including prevention)
Elizabeth C. Pomeroy, Danielle Parrish, Angela M. Nonaka & Kathleen H. Anderson
Global Community Practice
Manohar Pawar & Marie Weil

Human Needs: Overview
Michael A. Dover

Human Trafficking: Sex Trade
Kathleen Bergquist

Indigenous Social Work in Canada
Cyndy Baskin

Liberation-Based Practice
Rhea Almeida, Diana Melendez & Jose M. Paez
Mutual Financial Aid and Saving Associations (MFASAs) among Asian Americans
Intae Yoon

Personalized Health Care
Jared Sparks

Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders
Concepcion Barrio, Mercedes Hernandez, Paula Helu Fernandez & Judith A. DeBonis


Forthcoming Updated Articles

Adolescent Populations: An Overview of Issues and Social Problems
Todd Michael Franke Diane de Anda
Education Policy
Melissa Jonson-Reid
Native Americans: Overview
Hilary N. Weaver

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