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Forthcoming Articles

Late Spring/Early Summer 2014

Forthcoming New Articles

Disproportionality and Disparities
Rowena Fong, Ruth McRoy & Alan Dettlaff

Dissemination and Implementation Research
Enola Proctor

EMDR Treatment for Trauma
Allen Rubin

Global Health
Toba Schwaber Kerson & Jessica Euna Lee

Priscilla Gibson & Valandra
HIV in an Era of Biomedical Advances: Prevention
Diana Rowan

Leadership and Leadership Development
James Woolever & Jim Kelly

Posttraumatic Growth
Selena T. Rodgers

Prison Violence
Kristine Levan
Response to Intervention in Schools
Michael S. Kelly

Slums and Affordable Housing
Bonnie Young Laing

Social Policy in Canada
Micheal L. Shier & John R. Graham

Survivors of Suicide, Those Left Behind When Someone Dies by Suicide
Julie Cerel & Myfanwy Maple

Forthcoming Revised Articles

Addictions: Tobacco
Mansoo Yu & Rachel Fischer

Criminal Justice: Overview
Rudolph Alexander, Jr.

Gunnar Almgren & Ji Young Kang
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Families and Parenting
Gerald P. Mallon

Social Policy: Overview
John M. Herrick
Social Work Education: Research
David E. Biegel & Susan Yoon

Social Work Profession: Political Context
June Gary Hopps & Tony B. Lowe

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