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Latinos and Latinas: Overview  

John F. Longres and Eugene Aisenberg

Online publication date:
Jun 2013
This entry emphasizes diversity among Latinos/Hispanics with reference to national origin group, geographical distribution, language use, racial identity, family life, sexual orientation, ... More

Latinos and Latinas: Practice Interventions  

Carmen Ortiz Hendricks

Online publication date:
Jun 2013
Latinos are a heterogeneous and highly complex population that presents the profession with one of the greatest challenges in understanding diversity and what constitutes culturally and ... More

Latinos and Latinas: Cubans  

Maria Vidal de Haymes

Online publication date:
Jun 2013
In 2004, an estimated 1,614,000 individuals of Cuban origin were residing in the United States, placing Cubans as the third largest Hispanic ethnic group in the United States, constituting ... More

Latinos and Latinas: Mexicans  

Herman Curiel

According to the 2010 Census, 308.7 million people resided in the United States on April 1, 2010, of which 50.5 million (or 16%) were of Hispanic or Latino origin. The Mexican-origin ... More

Latinos and Latinas: Puerto Ricans  

Angel P. Campos

Online publication date:
Jun 2013
The 2000 census counted 3,406,178 Puerto Ricans living in the United States, bringing the total for those living in Puerto Rico and the United States to 7,333,403 million (U.S. Bureau of ... More

Lesbians: Practice Interventions  

Deana F. Morrow

This entry will provide an overview of psychosocial issues and social work intervention relevant to working with lesbians. Practice issues related to the impact of heterosexism, coming ... More

Liberation-Based Practice  

Rhea Almeida, Diana Melendez, and José Miguel Paez

The process of decolonizing is a precursor to liberatory transformation and the foundation for the creation of liberation-based practices. Decolonizing strategies call for changing the ... More

Men: Overview  

Jordan I. Kosberg and James P. “Ike” Adams Jr.

Online publication date:
Jun 2013
Growing up a male comes with challenges that can influence the quality and length of one's life. Attention is directed to gender role socialization that can result in gender-related ... More

Micro Aggressions  

Laurens G. Van Sluytman

Online publication date:
Sep 2013
Through the efforts of individuals and groups, America has made significant strides in affording civil rights to a majority of its citizens. It has not, however, eliminated individual, ... More

Migrant Workers  

Richard Wolff and Karen Dodge

This entry discusses migrant workers in the United States and the unique circumstances and conditions they face. Included in the discussion are social problems faced by migrants with ... More