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Juvenile Delinquency  

Carolyn Smith

The following article on juvenile delinquency has three major objectives: First, it defines delinquency and discusses its measurement and extent; second, it reviews theory and risk factor ... More

Juvenile Justice: Overview  

Rosemary C. Sarri

The juvenile justice system was established with the 1899 founding in Chicago of the Juvenile Court, an institution that spread to all the states in a short period of time. The history, ... More

Juvenile Justice: Juvenile and Family Courts  

Mark Ezell

This section defines and discusses the jurisdictions of the juvenile and family courts as well as their influences on social work practice. The history of the court, several ... More

Life Span: Overview  

Lani V. Jones

Online publication date:
Jun 2013
This entry provides an overview of the life-span perspective focusing on biological developments and social tasks all of which are embedded in a larger sociocultural context from birth to ... More

Life Span: Development and Infancy (Birth to Age Three)  

Cathleen A. Lewandowski

Online publication date:
Jun 2013
Infancy and young childhood are characterized by rapid cognitive, emotional, and physical development. Each year is marked by specific developmental tasks. Infants need positive parenting, ... More

Life Span: Early Childhood and Preschool  

Donna Harrington and Karen Castellanos-Brown

Online publication date:
Jun 2013
This article focuses on the early childhood years, from 2 to 5 years of age. There are over 12 million children in this age range in the United States, many of whom face a number of ... More

Life Span: Childhood/School Age  

Heather Larkin

Online publication date:
Jun 2013
School age children are negotiating numerous developmental tasks across distinct lines of development. Social workers recognize that this development is taking place within the context of ... More

Life Span: Young Adulthood  

David B. Miller and Sean Joe

Online publication date:
Jun 2013
The development period between the ages of 18–25 is called emerging adulthood. Emerging adulthood is characterized by transitions through developmental milestones that facilitate an ... More

Life Span: Parenting  

Daphne S. Cain and Terri Combs-Orme

Online publication date:
Jun 2013
Parenting is a key part of social-work practice and research, particularly in the child welfare arena. Despite significant research and theory in other disciplines about the importance of ... More

Maternal and Child Health  

Valire Carr Copeland and Daniel Hyung Jik Lee

Social reform efforts of the settlement-house movement have provided, in part, the foundation for today’s Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s policies, programs, and services. Planning, ... More